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Looking for the best SEO expert in Bangladesh to take your business to the next level? Look no further! MNP Techs is one of the leading SEO service provider in Bangladesh . We have had a great past and are still going strong serving our clients. What do you need for your business model to flourish? The answer is SEO. It boosts your credentials and increases your sales better than any other way.

We make sure your website attracts more traffic, enlists in the top ranking, engages people, builds brand value, enhances credibility, and is functional at all times. Trust MNP Techs and let us take you towards triumph.


We Provide Following SEO Services

Keyword Research

Every search engine is all about keywords. We value the topic and create a list of keywords and phrases so that your website pops up once these words are searched.

Analyze and Research

Once we have the list of keywords, we analyze every single word and pattern with the first page contents. This allows us to track and make a new website better. 

Competitor Analysis

To reach the top it's important to nitpick your competitors' SEO. MNP Techs digs deep into their competitors' data to evaluate possible solutions for you.

On-Page SEO

To enhance search visibility and lure visitors, web page contents must be optimized for specific keywords. The headings, internal links, taggings are crucial and we will look after them. 


This is all about targeting specific keywords and creating content solely based on them, for better reach. And, here MNP Techs is best with quality copy writers.

Speed Optimization

It is the rate at which the readers can communicate with your content. The page load time for accessing a sample is the site speed. And for SEO, it is a strong factor.

Link Building

Using backlinks is a viable way to increase the visibility of your website. MNP Techs will assure proper link buildup for your website.

SEO Audit

MNP Techs SEO experts analyze of your website on various metrics and find out the issues and do planning for improvement.

Ranking Report

We use top of the line tools to generate ranking reports. A ranking report allows us to determine what needs to be done to improve further. 

Capture Your Market Now

MNP Techs Provides Best ROI Focused & Result Driven SEO Service

Finding a good SEO agency is tricky. You might be wasting a lot of money just to get people’s attention. Don’t do that! It’s time to shift your concentration to MNP Techs. We are a reliable agency that has been working successfully for a long time. 

MNP Techs is a result-driven SEO service provider, meaning we think about your revenue. With a professional company like us, your website will be filled with top of the line content and gather the best viewership you have ever seen. It’s all about good strategy and we have it. Earn more with MNP Techs, because your website will gain more and more viewers due to precise optimization.

From now on you don’t have to worry about an unsatisfactory return on investment. With MNP Techs your business will see new light gaining more interaction and lastly a huge increase in sales. You get more than what you invest. Get positive results and long term assistance from MNP Techs.

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Want to Get Ranked on Google?

Getting ranked on Google is everyone’s dream. It allows users to find your website within a few clicks. It also guarantees that you have a reliable site with lots of credentials. How can you get ranked on the google search engine? Worry no more, let MNP Techs handle your project and allow us to help you reach the top.

It takes time, it’s not a 1-second job. There are many different processes and curriculums that we follow to make solid ground on the ranking list. We don’t compromise on the detailing thus you are destined to be enlisted sooner than later.

Few basics must be followed to rank higher on google. Starting from Top notch articles with targeted keywords. Improvised content to match different searches. There should be LSI Keywords to further enhance the visibility. Proper onsite optimization and backlinks for better reach. All these things are taken into account to rank a website. MNP Techs will help you get ranked and be more accessible to people around the world.

to increase your website's rankings in search engines

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Process

Search engine optimization is an art, it’s a science, and it’s a business. It’s a process that takes time, effort, strategy and creativity.


    We make sure our SEO team has a functional project brief. This helps for a successful outcome. The briefing is where all sorts of objectives and strategies are plotted out.


    Optimizing any content is all about keyword research. MNP Techs analyses all valuable keywords and phrases related to the subject matter that is likely to give rise to your website hits.


    In this growing industry, we make sure you go head to head and overcome any competitors we have. Identifying and scrutinizing any competitor is the way to go about it.


    Checking all the technical aspects of a website is crucial. MNP Techs always keeps a check on the website wellbeing. If any problem persists we will dig through the fixes to make it work again.


    Backlinks are crucial to maintaining crowd interaction. It can also be a reason to get penalized if the backlink turns out to be bad. Therefore we analyze every single backlink to make it work smoothly.

Traffic Analysis
SEO strategy and planning

    We have skillful writers who have been in the writing sector for ages. Creative and competent people write for MNP Techs, therefore you will be availing search engine optimized content if you seek our help.


    MNP Techs will make sure the on-page SEO is on point. Optimizing the visible contents and source code along with the parts that are within our control order.


    One very important thing is to make your name, number and address logged over the internet. MNP Techs will integrate local SEO citations on every project.


    This is another way to raise your ranking in the search engine result, but it is done externally. It is all about link building and nothing within the webpage itself. MNP Techs is fully capable of providing off-page optimization.


    Getting backlinks from high domain authority websites will make your website flourish to the next level. MNP Techs will cherry-pick the most capable links that aid your website.

SEO increase organic traffic

Your business will be #1 With Top SEO experts

Digital marketing is the pivot to your business success. The foundation of any business is to have a workable and fully functional website. What it does is it gives your brainchild a solid base to stand on. This also allows clients to look at your products and services easily. 

What do you do for the potential growth of your business? You do social media marketing, email marketing and such things. Is it enough? No! A website is the icing on the cake. It doesn’t end here. The internet universe is huge, and your website will just be another left out website with mere views if it’s not integrated properly. 

This is where top SEO Experts can help you reach the top of the hierarchy. They will ensure that your website is search engine optimized, which means it will appear on the search engines when anyone searches a keyword. This will utilize your website to the maximum, generating an organic online presence and maintain a higher ranking in search engines. 

MNP Techs is the best SEO service provider. There is nothing to brag about, as we have successfully created numerous websites and optimized them for different search engines. Opting for a professional service your business will peak to great heights. Through keyword, phrase optimization and user-friendly interface your website is destined to appear on the search results of your target audience. 

We believe in Quality

MNP Techs Provides The Best SEO Expert Solution For Your Business

From building websites to maintaining them, We MNP Techs excel at this kind of work. It is our task to ensure that your website is easy to use, always working and attracting more viewers, thus more sales. All these are achieved with proper search engine optimization. This is where MNP Techs comes into play. We are the digital marketing virtuoso and SEO experts. 

We are confident in what we do. Our works speak volumes. MNP Techs transcends when it comes to search engine optimization. Every individual at our company is an accomplished professional who has been in SEO for years and years. They know the tips and tricks for every possible solution. Nothing escapes our field of vision. We cover every detail when dealing with the optimization of your website or content. 


There are many SEO providers but none will be cooperative like us. We have the patience and determination to make things work at their best. You are just a call away from acquiring the best SEO agency. MNP Techs value their clients, thus we take every detail and information from them about the project and then turn it into gold with our expertise. We guarantee that in time your business will climb on top of the mountain. We will make sure it does. 


Why wait further? Give us a knock and we can discuss further.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a method that is used to make your website appear on search engines. Have you ever typed a word on google and noticed the first page? The most ranked pages appear on the first stages and as you move pages you see other websites. 

What does that mean? It simply means the most accurately optimized websites are the ones on the first page. These websites generate more traffic and have credibility compared to other sites. What is SEO in simpler terms? It is the use of keywords and phrases through which your website appears on the search engine depending on the service, product and brand. 

Your business website will be available to more people if it is optimized. Whenever someone searches a keyword, your website should automatically appear on their result if the word matches your target audience. SEO is not easy to deal with, it has many different strategies and aspects to make it work wonders. MNP Techs is one of the best SEO industries and can help your business rise. 

Who doesn’t like a faster site? It’s a pain in the neck when you search for something and it appears late. This is where faster loading websites wins the race. All users including you would prefer a faster website, don’t you? Speed optimization is super necessary for any functional website. When someone searches for a keyword, your website should be fast and first to appear. 

Unoptimized sites take longer to load and thus people get distracted. Do you know that the speed of your page directly takes a toll on SEO? Surfers love fast working websites. Slower sites will make users leave the platform even before it loads. API, caching and server speed also needs to be taken into account when speed optimizing a website. Optimizing embedded media like images and widgets need to be worked out as well for a speedy website. MNP Techs will gladly optimize the speed for you if you partner with us. We make sure it is blistering fast and appears in search results with a single click.

There are many advantages of having an SEO company manage your website. They are SEO experts, with comprehensive knowledge of promoting your business to the mass crowd. You may not know how to generate traffic, but they surely know what target keywords to optimize and make your site appear on the search engines. It’s all about what to optimize and how to optimize. An SEO company like MNP Techs boasts all the knowledge needed to boost your business.  

Obviously! When your website will be search engine optimized, it will appear on the majority of the search engines if someone hits the target keywords. SEO experts are there to work with keywords and ensure that whenever someone hits a common phrase or word, your website will appear in front of them, this is how optimization is done to your valued content. What it does is that it leads more crowds to view the site, therefore it’s likely that your sales will increase with more and more people now surfing your business module.

Unlike many SEO service providers, we don’t give you false hope. It’s your business after all, and we value our clients from the bottom of our hearts. At MNP Techs you will find expert individuals who work with dignity and possess vast knowledge in the SEO sector. We will make sure your business gets highlighted to the mass crowd and generates more interaction and sales. MNP Techs has successfully optimized numerous projects and you could be next. 

When we build a website, we take responsibility for creating content. We know how to reach the top, therefore come up with the best content that ranks higher on search engines. We have a writing team and a designing team who ensure that every detail on your website is precise no matter what. If you need any graphical representation, our graphics masters will work things for you. If you need written layouts or articles, then our content writing team can work wonders. 

We have already mentioned that SEO work needs patience. It is not something that starts with a bang right from the get-go. We will target the audience, work out the keywords, phrases, marketing sector and slowly in weeks to months you will see huge progress. Always remember that no SEO agency can deliver good results from day one. Optimization takes time, it is natural. Be patient and you will be rewarded. 

Yes, we can fix things for you. MNP Techs is aware of the google penalty system. SEO is gaining popularity and most agencies are taking it to the extreme, but sadly ending up with penalties. We don’t do the same. We know what the obstacles are, therefore always avoid hassles. For example, we know how to deal with algorithm penalties or manual penalties. Most penalties are given due to bad backlinks. MNP Techs will help to identify the weak backlink and recover it. 

We are good at communication. Something super necessary between a developer and their client. MNP Techs are adept at what they do, there is no compromise on work output. Each member of this company is highly skilled with huge experience on their back. We sit for discussions with our clients and let them know what can be done. There is no hidden meaning or charge behind any of our work. Customers can always ask questions, and we are open to interpret however necessary. More importantly, MNP Techs will provide you with the best deals and guarantee success, unlike other service providers.  

What Client says about MNP Techs

We value our clients' investment and therefore we dedicate our blood and sweat to making their ideas business and flourish.

My company needed a website for a commercial project. We know we couldn't just visit any developer. We consulted MNP, glad we chose them.

Md. Muraduzzaman Founder & CEO of FusionBiz

You will find a web developer very easily, but the quality has to be compromised in many situations. Not with MNP Techs, they are good, really good.

rotary Club
Theea Mohammad Member of

Rotary Club of Bikrampur

My website needed some newfangled articles to reach the target market. MNP Techs helped me a great deal and I found new glory.

Sabiha Neepa Affiliate Marketer of


I deal with product marketing on the internet. Recently I found out about MNP Techs and since then they have been my go-to writing agency.

MNP Techs Content Writing Client
Golam Mostofa Affiliate Marketer of


I remember having a website a few years ago that was not even on the top 10 pages of a search engine. MNP Techs helped me with my new page and now I am ranked on the top.

Web Design Client of MNP Techs
Sanjoy Goshwami Managing Director of

Goshwami Enterprise

Looking for the best SEO service providers? I will recommend you to MNP Techs. They are so professional and down to earth. They know how to catapult a business.

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Nurhanuzzaman Khan Managing Director of

Mela Rasulpur