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If you currently have a website, but if the website of your business is not on the first page of Google search engine or the website doesn’t look professional or not optimize properly, then you will be half behind your competitors. Because nowadays, the lack of proper SEO strategies, many businesses don’t succeed. Website is important for a company. But, more important to reach your clients with your website. SO, MNP Techs, SEO Expert in Bangladesh can make your website that will look professional obviously, optimize it properly. We will carry your website to the first page of Google and other search engine which will generate your organic targeted traffic to your website. 

And, as you know, More traffic makes More business. 

SEO expert in Bangladesh

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Process:

1. Research & analyze

We will research & analyze about the present situation of your topic on market.

2. Keyword search

We will search the easiest keyword for you to make your website on ranking

3. Check competitor

We will research competitor’s website and will find way to make you rank.

4. On page SEO

We will plan for your website and accordingly will implement on page SEO.

5. Copywriting

Check your Content if it is absolutely OK as per SEO standard.

6. Site Speed

Optimize Your Site to get the best speed and make lightweight to load faster. 

7. Link Building

We will do marketing and start off page SEO with Link Building process.

8. Ranking Report

We will submit you the ranking report and tracking your website as well.

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The internet has become the most relied upon resource in history. Nearly 60% of all businesses worldwide are represented on the web. The goal for every business is to get its website on the first page of the organic listings when a user searches something relevant to its business. This is why our SEO services have been an essential and invaluable tool that is necessary for any company’s growth.

SEO is the process of increasing the traffic and ranking of your website through organic searches. The leading search engines use “spiders” or “crawlers” to locate web pages for their algorithmic search results. They are searching for the most relevant content available, so it is imperative that your website is built around a focal point. MNP Techs is growing as the best SEO Agency in Bangladesh and offering excellent services all over the world. It is our goal at MNP Techs to bring your website the most relevant searches possible.

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We will evaluate your business type and what type of audience you are trying to attract. What keywords will be suitable for your business and website, we will advise and discuss with you. We will research your keywords for ranking your website.

We do Market researches to check what the keyword’s search volume is and what about competition, which keyword will easier to rank. All this research allows us to focus on the most relevant and beneficial Pillar keywords, informative keywords, and single product keywords (if applicable) that should be implemented into your SEO strategy.

We will build or redesign your website’s architecture to be sure that it is clean and accessible to the search engine crawlers. We move onto building meta tags, cleaning code, writing content, checking densities, and building backlinks.

MNP Techs will do a plan for link building that is long-lasting and includes highly competitive keywords that will need a link building campaign of their own to gain higher rankings. Variation of your keywords will be used in your backlinks, which will give you the perfect balance and density. Increasing the number of backlinks for your website from top quality websites is very important to SEO marketing, and will help to increase your company’s overall traffic and ranking. 

So, did you do SEO for your website? If no, then don’t wait anymore. Contact us now, we will analyze your website, will make proper planning and you will get top quality SEO service in Bangladesh.

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