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It’s all about the keywords, and you deserve quality keyword research that’s worth your time. That’s why we work hard to provide you with accurate keyword research services, tracking and optimization.

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MNP Techs Provides Advanced Keyword Research For SEO

An effective SEO strategy relies heavily on well-chosen keywords. Learn how our specialists use our exclusive research approach to find keywords that will have the most influence on your ranking.

Advanced Keyword Research for SEO
The right keywords for your company

Types of Keywords We Serve

Informational keywords

People are seeking for an answer to a particular query or general info.

Commercial keywords

People are looking for brands or services on the search engine.

Transactional keywords

People are intending to complete an action or purchase on search engine.

Good Keyword Research makes SEO work easy

Advanced Keyword Research Service

Search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing are built on the basis of keyword research (SEO).

At MNP Techs, we do comprehensive keyword research and use unique analytical procedures before beginning any SEO campaign. It is the firm foundation upon which we construct our work in order to provide our customers with the best possible outcomes.

You’ll learn about our innovative and exclusive process:

  • Opportunity is the keyword.
  • How to Make the Most of a Keyword’s Potential Benefits
  • The Advantages of the Keyword Chance
  • Focus and Priorities for Keyword Opportunities
  • An All-In-One Content Plan Based on Keywords
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How Do We Find Trending Keywords?

We utilize the following tools to identify trending keywords for your campaign:

• Surfer SEO
• Ubersuggest
• Moz
• LSIGraph
• Google Trends
• Google Suggest (included the related searches section at the bottom of search results pages)
• Q&A sites like Reddit, Quora, and Yahoo Answers
• Google News

It’s critical that we choose keywords that are both relevant and in line with your SEO objectives when compiling a list for future targeting.

Find Trending Keywords

Our Comprehensive Keyword Research Process

You are looking for your first keyword. You know you have to start somewhere, but you don’t know where. Keyword Research Process is here to help! This guide will teach you everything you need to know about your first keyword so that you can find it easily and use it successfully.

  • Collection of Search Terms

    1. Depending on your topic, we may gather anything from 1,000 to 6,000 keywords.
    2. Among the 8 to 12 sources we use to get keyword data are the following:
    A. Competitors of yours
    B. Data Tools from 3rd parties
    C. Search Console and Analytics Data from Your Own Account
    D. Page 1 of Google's Search Results (SERP) Landscape
    E. Google's Suggestions and Recommendations Based on Your Industry's Data

  • Keyword Analysis

    Keyword Analysis In order to find the most often occurring words and phrases in your keyword list, we use our own tried-and-true algorithm.

  • Grouping of Keywords (Clustering)

    • There are different and focused groups for each term detected.
    • Here, at our most intense and time-consuming stage, we make sure that every opportunity we locate targets your requirements, objectives, and bottom line with our secret sauce. We have to spend huge time for this section and lots of work need to be done.
    • Through this process, we can quickly lay the groundwork for a long-term content strategy that will help your website with both on-site SEO (content and optimizations) and off-site SEO (building links).

  • Keyword Mapping

    • Certain pages should be associated with which keywords is something we determine.
    • We focus on "striking distance" opportunities and "rapid wins" in order to achieve success criteria more quickly.
    • Keyword groups that have not yet been mapped to pages need new pages built for them, and this is what we do: (content gaps).

Comprehensive Keyword Research Process



Identifying what consumers are looking for in search engines is essential for every keyword research firm and lies at the core of SEO services. Before our SEO team can begin optimizing a website or developing a campaign, we must determine which keywords we want to rank for and undertake significant audience research. It is ineffective to produce a large volume of irrelevant traffic, since this will not generate purchases.

Keyword research is a terrific approach to identify holes in your industry’s market, and it provides us with the chance to fill those gaps using, for example, a term that is often searched for but a little more specific.

Search intent research entails determining what individuals are seeking for when they do a search and the types of search terms they use. Even the tiniest variations in language may have a significant impact on the sort of traffic generated.

Semetrical can assist you in identifying relevant industry keywords and search intent to target across short, medium, and long terms in order to boost your search engine exposure and conversion rate.

We invest in industry-leading tools and technology at Semetrical, but we also have an in-house keyword research engine that allows us to dissect and classify hundreds of thousands of phrases. Our keyword research method is comprised of many libraries, which enables us to uncover the most esoteric phrases that people may search for inside a certain business. These esoteric phrases are ones that you may not have considered before, such as specialized colors, styles, and prints that people may look for.

Our SEO techniques are based on keyword research, since keyword data informs our plans and goals. This understanding has helped our teams accomplish exceptional outcomes and assist customers in surpassing their digital goals.

Semetrical can assist you in identifying relevant industry keywords and search intent to target across short, medium, and long terms in order to boost your search engine exposure and conversion rate.

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