Do You Know Why Use WordPress for SEO
  • January 22, 2022
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Do you know a huge number of website designers & developers why use WordPress? WordPress is currently the most used content management system in the world with 63% market share. In other words, WordPress powers 37% of all websites, now that’s a lot of websites when you consider there are over 1 billion websites online at this point in time.

If you are considering creating a website or questioning why WordPress is the better choice to optimize your website, then please read some top reasons why below:

Content is King! Content Management Made Simple.

The biggest selling point for WordPress is its ease of use, especially when adding content such as pages and posts. If you didn’t know Google loves content, the more you update your website with interesting and relevant articles and news the more opportunity you have of drawing in the right audience and Google being kind to you. Hey! it pays to be in Google’s good books.

Clean Code Equals Quick Loading. Faster Sites Give You Brownie Points With Google

Now more than ever it is vital that websites display quickly when a potential customer visits your site. Over the years the statistics have changed but it used to be you had only 8 seconds to grab your customer’s attention now it’s less than 5 seconds.

How do you ensure your website loads fast? This is where WordPress comes into action. Depending on the theme you choose (free themes usually have a lot of bloat code) and the customization completed, WordPress websites generally load very well. SEO experts and website developers can further adjust the code and optimize the site to gain even better site load times. There are many plugins that can be used to achieve this which makes their work easier and that’s why to use WordPress.

If you have a look at some CSS markup here, you can see that the structure is neat and has a lot of lines to allow for easy reading:

body {

font-family: ‘Raleway’, Myriad Pro, sans-serif;

font-size: 18px;

font-weight: 400;

line-height: 26px;

color: #161616;


With the minify plugins that could be installed, your lines become one:

body{font-family:’Raleway’,Myriad Pro,sans-serif;font-size:18px;font-weight:400;line-height:26px;color:#161616;}

Best CMS WordPress

Customizable Permalinks. Easy SEF (Search-Engine Friendly) URL’s

Want to keep your URL’s clean, understandable, and search engine-friendly? With WordPress, you can and it’s built-in automatically or you can adjust to suit your needs. Managing your permalink structure is crucial for SEO and Google as it helps tell Google what the page is about.

So for example you have a page about cat doors you would want the permalink to be something like Always separate words with a hyphen and never underscores as Google will treat the URL as one word. This is one of the strongest reasons why use WordPress.

Easy Image Optimisation For Image Search

With WordPress, you can easily optimize your images so they can be highly searchable on search engines. Google, unfortunately, can’t interpret and read images effectively (just yet) but they do analyze contextually around the image and use the image titles and alternative texts to gain meaning. The great thing with WordPress is that it is very easy to update the title and description of your images when placed on a page or post in the backend.

SEO Friendly Website Structure

Wordpress SEO Friendly











One thing we love about WordPress is the way in which it structures content within the content management system (CMS). Nothing is more important for search engine optimization (SEO) than having appropriate website architecture. In particular how WordPress categories help structure the website and create themes of content. Pages can be effectively grouped and tags can be implemented to help sort through content.


As you can see the standard features that come with WordPress are very SEO-friendly for websites. If you’re serious about succeeding online, customizing the design and installing plugins will help your chances even further.

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